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This page offers a simple and user-friendly tool for selecting the right type and size of envelopes for different mailing needs to improve your mailing efficiency and professionalism. You can choose the envelope size and features such as window placement, closure type, and paper quality. The page also provides information on standard envelope sizes and their uses, as well as tips on how to address envelopes correctly.

  Envelope Size

  Pick from our most popular sizes and formats


  DL Size C5 Size C4 Size
   110 x 220mm
229 x 162mm
324 x 229mm
   Takes an A4 piece of A4 paper
   folded in three.
Takes an A4 piece of paper
folded in half.
Takes an A4 piece of paper.
DL Envelope C5 Envelope C4 Envelope


  Specialist Formats


  Gusset Board Backed
Bubble & Padded
   Expandable envelopes for sending larger,
   bulky items.
For when you don't want the item to
folded or creased.

Best choice for fragile items that
need that extra protection.
Gusset Envelope Board Backed Envelope Padded Envelope


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