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Drawer Sets

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Durable Varicolor Drawer Box with Five Drawers - 760527
Durable VARICOLOR 10 Drawer Unit - 761027
Durable VARICOLOR 4 Safe Drawer Box - 760627
Durable VARICOLOR Mix 5 Drawer Box - 762527
Forever Young Big Box Drawer Set Black With Coloured Drawers Forever Young 3104293D
Durable VARICOLOR MIX 10 Drawer Unit - 763027
Durable VARICOLOR MIX 4 Drawer Unit - 762427
Durable VARICOLOR MIX SAFE 4 Drawer Unit - 762627
Exacompta Bee Blue Big Box 4 Drawer Unit 347 x 278 x 267mm Assorted Colours (Each) - 3104202D
Exacompta Bee Blue Big Box 5 Drawer Unit 347 x 278 x 267mm Assorted Colours (Each) - 3094202D
Exacompta Bee Blue Big Box 6 Drawer Set 347 x 278 x 271mm Assorted Colours (Each) - 3124202D
Exacompta Bee Blue Store Box 11 Drawer Set 270 x 355 x 271mm Assorted Colours (Each) - 3137202D
Leitz Plus Letter Tray with Drawer A4/Foolscap Portrait Black 52100095
Exacompta Big Box Metallic Black/Metallic Silver 347x278x267mm 310438D
Exacompta Multidrawer System 10 x 26mm Drawers Light Grey/Black 350x288x320mm 302014D
Leitz Recycle 4 Drawer Unit Black - 53720095
Forever The Box 5 Drawer Set Open Cobalt Blue - 221101D
Exacompta Big Box+ 5 Drawer Set Open Black - 309714D
Exacompta Eco 5 Drawer Set Recycled Open Black - 221014D
Exacompta Big Box+ 5 Drawer Set Open Black/Harlequin/Black - 309914D
Exacompta Big Box+ 5 Drawer Set Open Black/Harlequin - 309798D
Exacompta Store Box Maxi 6 Drawer Set Open Black/Harlequin - 306798D
Exacompta Big Box+ 5 Drawer Set Landscape Open Black/Harlequin - 308798D
Jalema Resolution 4 Drawer Set Closed Black - J26863BLK
Exacompta Big Box 4 Drawer Set Open Light Grey/Black - 310014D
Rexel Choices Drawer Cabinet (Grey/Black) 2115609
Rexel Choices Drawer Cabinet (Grey/Blue) 2115611
Rexel Choices Drawer Cabinet (Grey/Green) 2115612
Aquarel BIG-BOX Black & Glossy Pastel 3104296D
Exacompta Ecobox Set 4Draw Office Grey/Night Blue 2286104D
Exacompta Big Box Iderama Black/Harlequin 310498D
Exacompta Big Box Plus Black Office White/Harlequin/White 309913D
Exacompta Modulo A4 5 Drawer Black/Harlequin/Black 301914D
Exacompta Modulo A4 10 Drawer Black/Harlequin/Black 302914D
Total 34 products